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Our company deals with ​​animal mechanical milking systems since 1959.

As the years passed, accumulated experience helped us develop and evolve top level milking systems. Apart from the high quality of the materials that make our milking machines to stand out, we offer continuous technical support.

Support that starts with assistance and advice even at the earliest stages of designing, placing and construction of the milking parlor building and continues with the construction of the milking machine itshelf by our specialized technicians and the end user training.

But we do not stop there. The milking parlor is the heart of the farm and for this reason we provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All parts and components needed are readily available.

Our workshops and mobile technical support vehicles are fully equipped with the latest generation of instrumentation and can perform preventative controls and regulate all types of milking parlors.

High quality equipment and excellent technical support are only two of the reasons that make the choice of our milking machines, your only real option.

Egnatia North Service Road & K.Sylaiou 1, 570 13 Thessaloniki - Oraiokastro, Greece - Google Maps 40°41'46.7"N 22°54'23.6"E +30 2310.515.122 +30 2310.530.743

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