This is the classic type milking parlor that is ideal solution for farms that require a milking parlor with a size up to 24 milking points.


The udder is accessible ​​by the side. It provides a lot of space for the milker and very good visual inspection of the udder.


The steel construction is designed so as to provide improved ergonomics and safety for the milker. Special support brackets are used to fix the construction on the walls, leaving the entire space between the metal construction and the animal platform completely free, with no vertical supports. The milker has more room to move freely, protected from possible accidents, (not possible to squeeze his hands between animals and vertical supports), quite frequent in other constructions. There are protecting shields for the milker in case an animal urinates. The construction is extremely strong, hot dip galvanized. There is also a full stainless steel version.



Feeding in the parlor

All SYLCO milking parlors can be equipped with mangers for feeding animals in the parlor. Dosing systems can also be mounted as stand alone or to be controlled by a central processing unit.



Rotary exit
Adding a rotary exit to the parlor increases the performance of the parlor by 20% in comparison to conventional parlors. The more points you have in a parlor, the higher the gain in time. With the rotary exit installed, all animals are out of the parlor within seconds.


The exit is not just lifted to open position. It performs a full rotation, and drives out any animals that stay behind. The animals are calmer, because they do not have to be squished with their head next to a wall. There is enough space in front of them, which gives them more comfort during milking. There is the possibility of regulating the point that rotary exit stops, depending on the size of the animals in the parlor.



Watch the following video:

Milking Parlor for Cows with Rotary Exit.

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