Calf Boxes

Hygiene is always a top priority when you deal with Calves. You need to provide them a clean and dry environment, if you wish them to grow fast and in a healthy way.

You also need to take into account the people that take care of calves and how to assist them in doing their job correctly and easy.


Modular design

The boxes can be easily combined. You can purchase 1 to start with and then expand to the number you need. Special care has been taken to reduce transport space needed and to be able to put them together within minutes.

The boxes are designed to utilise buckets or suckling teats or even special mangers for staw.


SYLCO Stainless Steel Calf Boxes offer a unique solution. The frame of the boxes is made of Stainless Steel. No need to worry about corrosion, rust or when to paint them again. Stainless steel is made for life.

They offer a clean environment for the calves, can be cleaned by high pressure waterjets and withstand the harsh environment in the barn.

The plastic floor is warm for the calves. The large openings let the urines and manure of the animals to easily flow down away from them, keeping them in this way dry. They are designed with anti-slipping characteristics.

The animals can move easily around.

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