Feeding Tables

The VKS 3000 Sheep and Goats Feeding table is the industry top choice in sheep and goat feeding systems.


Not only is it a way for easy feeding of the animals but also a high quality tool with multi benefits.


The robust construction (hot-dip galvanized body, heavy duty, stainless steel external surfaces, aluminum animal head locks) is designed for the adverse conditions inside a barn.


The VKS 3000 Sheep and Goats feeding table can be used to easily feed 6 animals per running meter. It can deliver a variety of different feed types in solid form. Hay, concentrated feed or even a combination of both is not a problem.


The loading can be done by hand, auger or even a mixing wagon.


The loading place is outside the animal cells so it is clean and easily accessible.


The feeding table can save a lot of space as well, since it eliminated the need for feeding corridors and can be used as a dividing wall for the animal cells.


Each animal can have the portion of the feed that we decide and there is no animal crowding nor animals that annoy others during feeding.


Group feeding per animal cell is possible.


The VKS 3000 Sheep and Goats feeding table is the only system that supports individual head locking of the animals. The table incorporates a self head locking mechanism that requires no action on part of the farmer. Every animal is locked by itself the minute that lowers the head to eat from the table, by means of an aluminum headlock. There is no need for the farmer to be there and lock the animals.

The release of the animals can be done for all the animals simultaneously with the use of the central unlocking lever or individually for each animal by the farmer. In this way the table can be used for other purposes (like ultrasound examination or other veterinarian tasks). After performing the task each animal can be released separately.


The VKS 3000 Sheep and Goats feeding table is controlled by central control panel. The running speed of the elastic band can be easily adjusted by an external rotating switch. The adjustment of the loading speed is thus very easy.


The user can also select between continous loading function or the auto advancing system, by means of an external switch. When the auto advancing function is selected a sensor is activated. If for some reason there is no feed of the elastic band the table stops until the gap is filled. As soon as it is filled, the band starts moving again automatically. In this way all the animals will find food waiting, on their place.


The table locking mechanism can be placed

on three different positions:

Open position: During in this position the feeding places are open and accessible to the animals with no locking mechanism activated. The animals can come, eat and go at their own will.

Locking position: During in this position the feeding places are open and accessible to the animals, but the locking mechanism is activated. The animals can come and eat ,but they will be locked and cannot leave unless the farmer decides to release them.

Closed position: During in this position the feeding places are closed and not accessible to the animals. This is for avoiding accidents during loading or in case the farmer for some reason does not wish to feed the animals.


Watch the following video:

Stainless Steel Feeding Belt for Sheep & Goats with Individual Locking.


Feeding Belt for Sheep & Goats.

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