Solutions for small farms

No matter how small a farm is, the need to milk exists. SYLCO HELLAS cares for these farms as well. We provide portable machines for 1 or 2 cows or conventional machines with buckets.


KNS 300M

KNS 300M is a portable solution that does not compromise on the quality of milking. It can milk 1 or 2 animals. The high capacity vacuum pump (300 liters) offers instantly the necessary vacuum level for proper milking animal.

It is the only portable milking machine that incorporates electronic pulsator, bringing to small farms, quality milking that one can find in large parlors.

The high-speed vacuum regulator stabilizes vacuum level within milliseconds.

A large vacuum tank lid provides easy access to the interior for cleaning.




KNS 300D

  • Vacuum pump capacity is 280 liters/minute
  • Motor power 1 HP
  • Vacuum tank is 30 liters
  • Built-in vacuum gauge
  • Integrated vacuum valve
  • Large side cover for easy access to the interior of the vacuum tank
  • 1'' pipe vacuum supply
  • Can be mounted on the wall or on the floor
  • Pump with graphite vanes (no oil)




Milking bucket
SYLCO milking bucket is the most economical solution for quality milking.
The milking set is identical to that of large installations. The bucket is stainless steel with a capacity of 27 liter. It can be combined with a variety of vacuum units, depending on the needs of each farm.

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